Zino Davidoff Cool Water Night Dive - unbelievable relaxation and happiness

The legendary Davidoff fragrance Cool Water appeared in 1988 and was re-developed as a "super-modern" flanker Cool Water Night Dive in 2014. Being newly released in 2014 for evening clothes and love affairs, this new aroma creates an atmosphere of sea air and fresh wind, bringing unbelievable relaxation and happiness.

The fragrance features a natural, but a romantic taste, which seems to be unreal and magic. Those who use this fragrance have a special charming style, so magnetizing and attracting ladies to a really handsome guy.

The composition is a mixture of wonderful sea aromas. Users seem to dive into sea water, feeling a fresh ocean wind on their cheeks, aromas of tropical plants. They feel as if they appeared in a tropical country with its exotic culture, habits, scents of fruit, pepper, trees. Even one usage can replace a long travel and you will get the same impressions within several minutes. Get the greatest pleasure and enjoy this 50, 75, 125 ml Eau de Toilette with other related cosmetic goods.

Elizabeth Arden Red Door 25 - Amazing Fragrance Developed By A Top Producer

Fragrance Red Door 25 was created for ladies by Elizabeth Arden and appeared in 2014. When having a festivity to the 25th Red Door ceremony, the Elizabeth Arden's classic fragrance Red Door 25 appears as a bright blossomy spray. Being re-launched by Master Perfumer Carlos Benaiim, one of the Red Door's earliest authors, Red Door 25 is a cheerful blossoming temptation of ambrosia, extravagant rosy mixtures, sensuous scent and mild patchouli. As Red Door is a trademark, which development has not been finally completed yet and is underway since already 25 years.

Its development is a legacy of the Elizabeth Arden's works and experience. That who launched Red Door 25 tried to make the best what people expect from a Chypre Floral fragrance. This is a mixed aroma blackberry, raspberry, flowers, honey, musk, patchouli and even sandalwood!

With so delicate floral and saturated refined tones, Red Door 25 perfume is the scent of unchanged classic trend in perfumery. This line is a symbol of glamorous life and an air aristocracy which is observed and realized by those who use it.

The Healthy Fragrance - Vanilla Grapefruit - classic and unchanged in time

The Healthy Fragrance - Vanilla Grapefruit is a truly citrus - fan fragrance for each and every woman. Vanilla Grapefruit was introduced into the market in 2007. It was welcome at once as the first universally healthy fragrance. The proof was in an advanced technology method where such elements as organic sugar cane alcohol and natural substances obtained from a plant and used as an additive were combined. These ingredients and antioxidants created a meaningful turn-point in the modern art of perfumery.

The fragrance consists of lime, patchouli, grapefruit, heliotrope, bergamot, Madagascar vanilla and sandalwood notes. Citrus inspires happiness and hope. It represents this preference-forming mixture of rich pink grapefruit, pure lime, life-giving cedar-wood, and warm notes of Madagascar. We can clearly see that Vanilla Grapefruit is cool and offers the promise of an enjoyable experience. It is an unclouded happiness that we can sensate immediately. This special scent will attract you every day more and more.

The Healthy Fragrance - Vanilla Grapefruit fragrance uses pure essential oils as the base of a delicate significance of nature. It can directly connect us with a happy memory when you were so young and careless or a moment in time when you loved so deeply.

Awaken your feeling of self-satisfaction with the help of an excellent combination of sparkling notes contained in the very base of intensive Madagascar vanilla.

This scent is your destiny which is classic and unchanged in time.